Replicas (2018) – Movie Review

Can we all just take a minute to gaze upon the beauty of this movie poster? Seriously, it looks like something we would see coming straight to DVD in the 2000’s.

Science fiction films never do well in theaters. Sure, every few years something will come out that lights up the box office but it’s never the type of film that I would call true science fiction. They tend to be more action adventure with just a modicum of science thrown in. Nothing wrong with these films of course, but let’s classify them as what they really are–Action Adventure. The last true science fiction films that I can remember that did well at the box office? Gravity by Alfonso Cuarón and Interstellar by Christoper Nolan. Maybe there’s a few more. Let me know in the comments!


Plot Summary – Keanu Reeves uses faux science and Richard from Silicon Valley to bring his family back from the dead.

Replicas feels like a movie that should have been better than what was actually released. There’s a lot of cliche ideas that are smashed together that never really knows what it wants to do. Keanu Reeves plays this artificial life biologist who is tasked with trying to place deceased combat soldier brain-scans into the body of a machine. Story wise, Keanu Reeves is unable to do it with the soldiers but comes to an epiphany on how it needs to be done when his family is killed in a car accident. This makes Neo realize that the human mind doesn’t understand and can’t work an unknown physical body, and that if they could put their mind into an exact copy of their body, there’s a much greater chance of it working.

So how does Keanu Reeves solve the issue of placing a human mind into the body of a cyborg? Thomas Middleditch. He apparently has the ability to clone a human with no issues even though he’s never done it before! Putting their brain-scans into their own cloned bodies solves the problems. The biggest sin is the films 3rd act where it’s revealed that the company where Keanu works is of course trying to place combat soldier minds into machines for nefarious purposes. To me, this is a total bummer and a bit of a waste. The “what it means to be human” or “are you still the same human” after all this cloning and brain uploading would have been a much better theme to follow.


Rating : Getting a tasty cheeseburger only to find that the bun is soggy–disappointing.





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