NaNoWriMo 2014 – Book Cover Design

Golem Girl Ebook Cover
Golem Girl Ebook Cover

I was wasting some time today and started to mess around with my NaNoWriMo profile on there website. Apparently when you declare the novel you will be writing for the upcoming Nano they recommend to upload a Book Cover stating that it raises your chances to win by 60%. That’s an interesting statistic and I would love to hear how that’s being calculated. But nonetheless, it got me thinking that I should probably go ahead and nail one out real quick. I am by no means a designer but I think I did alright for my first time.

The background of the book cover came from Free Stock Textures and I slightly modified it in Gimp to look like a big lumbering golem. The little girl silhouette came from Pixabay. Whenever you are looking for images to use, you need to make sure that the license they are distributed under is some form of “Free for commercial use / No attribution required“. You don’t want to find yourself in any legal issues if you just blindly use whatever you find.

I found the font to be the trickiest thing to nail down. Every standard font that comes with Gimp by default just looked too amateurish when I placed it up there. After about a hour of looking through all the different fonts (and there are so many), I finally settled on the font called Eraser from Font Squirrel. As with images, fonts have licenses themselves and you should pay attention to what you use. Eraser falls under the freeware license.

If I ever decide to publicly release Golem Girl, I’m pretty sure I would hire  an illustrator to come up with a better image to use on the front cover. That’s after a ton of editing of course!

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